Our web design process

As well as a top quality front-end design, we believe that websites should back up their appearance with effective development. In any case, a website that looks desirable becomes ineffective if the correct features are non-existent, so it is crucial that all the features of the website work correctly. Our overall goal is to design a website that will help your business grow rather than one that looks nice but has no real substance.

It’s all in the detail

In order for us to design the best possible website we make sure we understand every necessary detail about your company. We sit down and talk through every last detail of your website, including the features so you are never surprised by anything we come up with. Our initial consultation will hopefully provide us with all the information we require, but if it does not, we are not afraid to ask until we have everything.

Who are you Targeting?

Every business has a target market, and who your target is will play a big role in how your website takes shape. If you are targeting a younger market, there is no point in our company designing something old-fashioned and boring as it simply will not appeal. At our initial meeting, we make sure we firmly establish the target market, and this way we can successfully reflect this in our design.

You are in Control

Many of our competitors forget that they are working for a client. This leads to them developing features and coming up with designs that they like. At DNKN Studio, we make sure you are in control because we want you to have a website that you are proud to show to your colleagues and friends. With this in mind, we are here to offer our professional opinion, but we will never take over unless this is what you require.

DNKN Studio Previous Work

Plenty of our competition boasts about their success, but offers little or nothing to back it up. At DNKN Studio, we back all of our talk up with a very professional web design portfolio. Here, we show all our designs (the ones which we can) to allow you to see what we can actually do when given the opportunity.

Remember, we build our websites from the very first stage. This allows you to have complete control over every feature of the website. Every client has a different taste, so any company that offers a product for a low price is probably just rehashing another development.